Carrying mail can be challenging :

Difference in applicable regulations, specific operational processes and mail industry related procedures bring an additionnal layer of complexity to any carrier wishing to step in the mail and e-commerce business.

Managing the supply-chain from end to end

A postal consignment differs in many ways from an Airway Bill
or any other conventional bill of lading.
It is therefore cumbersome for carriers to ensure a complete
track and trace for their mail customers and to properly
exchange the operational data with the various stakeholders
of the supply-chain.

Managing the supply-chain from end to end
System integration
Account settlement
Whatever the mode of transport, a mail
consignment cannot be easily supported
by a carrier system, preventing an in depth
management of the mail flows, from the
acceptance process to the invoicing
procedures. Mail consignments are often
managed out of the carrier’s system
Rate structures and applicable
terms and conditions can be
specific for mail, creating
challenges for accountants
and sales forces to properly
invoice and monitor the

The Airmail Data solutions

Airmail Data aims to provide the carriers with affordable and
easy-to-implement solutions.
User friendly environment, fully compliant with
the UPU standards, our web-based system brings solutions to the challenges
listed above.

End to end visibility
End to end visibility

  • Connection to the postal EDI network through the UPU or the IPC
  • CARDIT translator
  • RESDIT generation through a fully automated process
  • Scanning application
  • Compatibility with others modes of data capture

Integrated solution

  • Conversion of CARDIT into FWB
    (Postal CN to AWB)
  • Integration of postal data into
    your Transport Management
    System (TMS)
  • Compliance with the latest
    custom requirements

Integrated solution
Pre-invoicing data
Pre-invoicing data

  • Generation of CN 51 and CN 66
  • Rate management
  • Monthly consignment list
  • Routing management
  • Statistics modules